Looking After Aunty Hec

Humans like to say it’s a dog’s life but really I’m not so sure.  These humans whom I own,  well I call them Mum and Dad but I think they have other names because I hear other humans calling them different things; Dad especially gets called a lot of names…  Anyway the point is they have no idea how busy I am trying to keep tabs on them.  Always running away they are, scurrying out the door in the morning without so much as a by-your-leave either and I am left here till the arrival of Aunty Hec who gives me my lunch.  I like Aunty Hec except when she makes me take her for a walk in the rain; I have tried to tell her that we Dachshunds (or Daxies as we are affectionately known here in Scotland) do not do rain but I’m not too sure Aunty Hec understands but she is rather old (she has to be at least 10 I think) so I don’t blame her too much.

When Mum and Dad come in I have to take them for a walk.  You would think after being out all day they would want a rest but no they like their walks do those two.  So once I’ve taken them for their evening walk that is all my jobs done for the day – oh except when I have to bring Dad his slippers and be a lap-warmer for Mum and after a few patrols around the perimeter fence making things secure it is then and only then am I allowed a little down time myself.  A dog’s life?  Oh really…  Luckily I am here to keep everyone right.

Until next time, love & leggies, Nutty x



About nuttyboomboom

I am a miniature dachshund, I live with Mum & Dad in rural Ayrshire and have a variety of interests including - first and foremost - the sooky (at which I am a bit of an expert), guarding things, squeak toys and cushions. I have an opinion on just about everything and I am a founder member of the Canine Advanced Training Society (CATS) which is a voluntary organisation offering help and advice to other anipals who are demented by stubborn and ill-trained owners.

2 responses to “Looking After Aunty Hec

  1. Louise

    Nutty it sounds like you have alot on your hands with those two!!!!!!! Lucky you are there 🙂

  2. Aunty Hec

    I am very proud to be the subject of HRH Nutty’s very first blog article. I always knew the wee feller cared, but had no idea how much energy and thought he expended on my behalf. May I express my greatest admiration for this noble hound and his inscrutable doggy mind!

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