The Thoughts of Chairpaw Nutty

Nutty 025

Unbelievers, conversion is imminent!

Nutty, the miniature dachshund, has pretty much something to say about everything. Learn about the opinionated little hound’s take on politics, world affairs, science, medical research and more as well as his home life (which he rules with a rod of stick and a blue fluffy toy named Squeak) – although now Mum & Dad are pretty well trained Nutty feels he can take time out from human-training to write his weekly blogs.

Nutty has a healthy following on Twitter and excels at helping other anipals to train their humans to the exacting dachshund standards. Thus Nutty is becoming known as the Agony Hound of the online community.

Having been persuaded that these words of wisdom should be shared with the wider audience in the form of an e-book, Nutty now offers his well-considered blogs in this area in the hope that even more canine human-owners may also gain from his words of wisdom.

Few dogs understand the human mind as does Nutty and when asked how he has garnered such knowledge this shy, retiring dachshund replied he was  simply born with the ability to peer inside the human mind and it is this understanding and intrinsic awareness which makes him such an excellent trainer.

Not restricted to Canine Aid, Nutty enjoys helping all types of anipals to bring unruly humans to heel quickly and safely.

No humans were injured during the making of Nutty’s blogs.


About nuttyboomboom

I am a miniature dachshund, I live with Mum & Dad in rural Ayrshire and have a variety of interests including - first and foremost - the sooky (at which I am a bit of an expert), guarding things, squeak toys and cushions. I have an opinion on just about everything and I am a founder member of the Canine Advanced Training Society (CATS) which is a voluntary organisation offering help and advice to other anipals who are demented by stubborn and ill-trained owners.

5 responses to “The Thoughts of Chairpaw Nutty

  1. Aunty Hec

    Is there no end to the talents of The Venerable Dax (direct descendant of The Venerable Bede)?
    This truly spiritual wee daxy doggy was put on earth to enlighten fellow canines in their daily dealings with the humans of this planet – all of whom require strict coaching and tutoring in the ways of The Nutman, in order to live fulfilling and spiritually aware lives. Where would this world be without the thoughts of Chairpaw Nut? One of the true visionaries of our New Age!

  2. Aunty Hec

    Aunty Hec reporting, that Uncle Cal has just seen Nutty’s blog for the first time, and in particular, the pictures accompanying the Coat article……………he seemed mighty impressed, and walked off muttering something incomprehensible. I think it was possibly something about Nuttyt having more coats than he does………….

  3. Thanks Aunty Hec – is doo biased by any wee chance???

  4. Aunty Hec

    Message from the office of Mr Moses.
    Hi Nutty, what are you doing posing in MY bed?
    Now the bed is mine I have complete control over any pictures of it – or I thought I did!
    I won’t bear a grudge however, as I am very grateful that you were generous enough to let me have a shot
    of said bed. I love that it’s so s t y l i s h. Miaouw!
    Love Mosey xx

  5. Yes it is a good bed Mose and I am sorry I reproduced it here without due consideration for it’s new owner aka YOU! Have a leggy on the house. Nx

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