Lean on Me

As I explained in the sooky blog, there are various ways to get your Mum, Dad and/or responsible human’s attention; one of them being the lean. The lean is an excellent modus operandi when you just don’t have time for the full sooky and of course it must be mentioned that the lean is exceptionally pawsome if you are a bigger dog.

Retrievers, labs and Staffies are particularly effective at the lean. To instigate a lean simply plant your paws in front of, or to the side of, your leanee and just lean into them. For best effect the lean should be heavy and solid, making it the attention-grabber of choice for those of us who are M, L, XL  or XXL size.  You see, this is because the lean should be strong enough so that the human leanee (not always the brightest squeak in the box you understand)  will know without doubt that they are being treated to a professional lean.

We anipals who come into the S category for example the dachshund, the Jack Russell,  the Scotty dog and of course our tiny relative the formidable Chihuahua do not have the BMI to operate the lean effectively so for us smaller dogs our best chance of a lean comes when the leanee is seated or (better yet) lying down. It is then that we can slide in like the canine ninjas we are and incorporate the lean with the burrowing sooky and dig ourselves right in for the duration.

Leaning is an excellent sport and ensures the leanee will remain stationary until you decide to remove the lean. Not many humans are brave (stupid?) enough to move away from a seriously leaning Rottie. Try it yourselves and see.

Lean on the very next human you come across. If you don’t feel like a lean then force yourselves anipals and you will see that I am right. Human nature is such that your leanee will remain still until you choose to move off. What pawsome power we have!

Till next time. Love & leggies, Nutty x


Me leaning on the ground on a sunny day.


About nuttyboomboom

I am a miniature dachshund, I live with Mum & Dad in rural Ayrshire and have a variety of interests including - first and foremost - the sooky (at which I am a bit of an expert), guarding things, squeak toys and cushions. I have an opinion on just about everything and I am a founder member of the Canine Advanced Training Society (CATS) which is a voluntary organisation offering help and advice to other anipals who are demented by stubborn and ill-trained owners.

5 responses to “Lean on Me

  1. Aunty Hec

    More practical. nay even spiritual, advice, from the Zen Master of all our canine friends, Mr Nutty. Nutty teaches us in depth and with great detail, yet he has a down-to-earth fluency – ensuring we fully understand the best way to practise our dog-spirituality on a day-to-day basis. Nutty is the Deepak Chopra of this New Doggy Age. Get with him NOW!

  2. Shiva Diva

    I luv leaning. Heavier the better. Good tips. woof.
    Also a crash lean is v effective can knock them off their feet some times ooops.Forget they onl have 2 legs sometimes!!!!! hmmmmmm

  3. Shiva Diva

    U look like u r sunbathing? is it sunny where you are?
    its cold here in glasgow – there is funny gravel stuff on ground that keeps getting stuck in ma paws!!!!!

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