To the World from a Dachshund

If I could speak, these words I would say

To the people of the world today

All life is previous and we all revolve

Through kindness and love let this earth evolve

Till next time. Love & leggies, Nutty x

Nutty 019


About nuttyboomboom

I am a miniature dachshund, I live with Mum & Dad in rural Ayrshire and have a variety of interests including - first and foremost - the sooky (at which I am a bit of an expert), guarding things, squeak toys and cushions. I have an opinion on just about everything and I am a founder member of the Canine Advanced Training Society (CATS) which is a voluntary organisation offering help and advice to other anipals who are demented by stubborn and ill-trained owners.

3 responses to “To the World from a Dachshund

  1. Nutty you have a real way with words,,, 🙂

  2. murphygill

    Prose, poetry, you name it, Nutty’s the guy!
    Aunty Hec x

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