There’s No Place Like Home

My Mum, my human sisfur Louise and her dog Miss Shiva went to the SPCA Rehoming Centre in Glasgow because it is time Miss Shiva had a friend as she gets very lonely when Louise goes to work.

Miss Shiva (who was born in a similar place) was very nervous as soon as we arrived and heard all the dogs barking in their little individual cells. To be truthful anipals, I didn’t quite know what to make of it since I have been with Mum and Dad since I was a puppy but I know many other dogs are not so lucky. I did my best to help Miss Shiva be calm and radiated all the pawsitive energies I could, the poor thing kept on spinning and spinning (she does this when she is agitated).

2013-05-25 11.56.09

Mum, Miss Shiva and me at the SPCA centre.

Then the lady brought a dog out. Full Staffy he is and strong as a small-sized horse. He is smaller than Miss Shiva as she is a Staffy/Lab mix. Mum and I stood off to one side so Louise and the SPCA lady could introduce the dogs. They had a bit of a sniffity-sniff and I could tell Miss Shiva was interested although she was still on edge. Then in a flash her sonic tail wag commenced and she was totally happy again. That is one of the very best things about being a dog: we can go from scared to happy in the time it takes to wag a tail.

Louise was stroking Mr Staffy and the lady said his  name was Chaos. I looked at Mum, she looked at Louise who looked at the lady who looked at the dog and although no one said anything we all knew what the others were thinking. This dog had to be the least chaotic dog ever. Playful, bouncy, funny, friendly and glad to get out of his kennel yes – chaotic never. Louise said she would change his name and I was glad about that.

As you all know anipals I am a very small guy so I was a bit nervous meeting Mr Staffy but I walked over wagging my tail and he came over for a sniffity-sniff with me. He was very gentle which made me think he understood about small dogs. Mum gave us all some sausages which are puppy sausages because I am only wee but the Staffies didn’t seem to mind and both Miss Shiva and Mr Staffy chomped them down looking for more.

We haven’t got a picture of Mr Staffy yet as the SPCA lady told Louise there is a home check to be done to make sure everything is in order. I was pleased to know they are careful about who rehomes a dog so even though we wanted to take him with us that day we knew it was for the best.

We think it will be 2 or 3 weeks until Mr Staffy – whose new name is Rocco – will move into his furever home with Louise and Miss Shiva (with frequent visits from me of course!)

The Deev

Miss Shiva looking particularly gorgeous

I cannot finish this bloggy without telling you that I press my paws together every night to pray to DOG for all those anipals in kennels across Scotland, across the UK and across the world. It was so sad to see that many of the dogs we saw were Staffies too; a more loyal breed you won’t find (except for dachshunds but I am a bit biased there!). Mum says people have a whole lot to answer for and I am sure she is right.

If you are wondering why Louise chose the name Rocco it was the name of a noble spirited and gentle Staffy man who went Over The Rainbow Bridge. Although Rocco the First had a hard time on earth and we couldn’t save him, Louise and Miss Shiva have made sure the same won’t happen to Rocco 2.

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x



 Rocco the First RIP x





With all the trouble in this poor old world of ours you might be forgiven for wondering what possible input a wee dachshund like me can have. The answer to that is as much as anyone else. You see anipals, all living things on earth are inhabited by the same DOG source and because this is so we all can think, feel, love, laugh and enjoy life to the best of our ability. We can also choose the negatives if we so wish. Freewill choice.

So, as one of DOG’s creatures, it is my freewill choice today to blog a little bit on the troubles of the world because I understand that many people are feeling more and more worried and afraid about what might happen next.

Sadly dear friends I have no answers to give you – wouldn’t it be strange if a little dog had the answers that elude humanity? 

I don’t have the answers though not because I am a dog but because the answer lies inside each and every being.

I have my answer. Do you have yours?

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x


Garden 007

My garden

Aunty Hec’s Treasure

Dear Nutty

Even though I am not an anipal I hope you will find it within the depth of your kind little daxie heart to help a human. As you know I have recently lost my beautiful little rabbit, Treasure. Treasure was indeed a treasure in so many ways and I know you will understand when I say there was a special bond between us. I know too Nutty that unlike many humans who really ought to know better, you would never make fun of a loving bond between human and any kind of anipal.

I miss wee Treasure so much Nutty and when I see his empty cage and there is only space in what was once our night-time routine together, it all makes me very sad indeed and I wonder if you have any wise advice for me and for others who have also lost a dear anipal friend.

Aunty Hec

Dear Aunty Hec

Although I did not know Treasure for the loving little creature he was, I can feel the love you have for him in the sad words of your letter. Yes you are right there are many grieving humans every day who mourn the loss of a dear anipal but, fearing being laughed at and not taken seriously, they tend not to allow their grief due process, bottling it up inside until it makes them more sad or even ill. This is an awful situation for any human to be in.

We anipals do not have this pawblem because we simply do what comes naturally without worrying what the rest of the world may think. Of course Aunty Hec I understand that humanity is not as evolved as anipals, at least in this sphere, so I suggest some bereavement counselling. No shaking of the head now. Animal bereavement counsellors do exist and you will probably find one closer than you think.

It has always been my belief (which I share with the anipal community in general) is that when we die (horrible word Aunty Hec, coz we don’t actually die we just leave our bodies behind; same as humans) we travel to a wonderful place called RAINBOW BRIDGE which is a heaven especially created by DOG for anipals and it is here you will find all types of anipals big and small all waiting for those we loved before to come and join us.

Little Treasure is at the Bridge right now Aunty Hec, running free and in pawfect health, kicking his legs and munching on the scrummiest greens with plenty of friends to play with. Don’t worry now because he will stay there quite happily until you too are called and you will come together again at RAINBOW BRIDGE.

Any human furriends who read my bloggy and who may also be suffering the loss of a dear anipal this message is for you too. Loyal in death as we were in life, any anipal who loved you will be patiently waiting at the Bridge so when it is your time to pass over you need never fear – just reach out your hand and the furry paw you loved in life will place itself in your palm again and you and your beloved companion will cross over the RAINBOW BRIDGE, together again but furever this time.

DOG blessings.

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x

Aunty Hec's Treasure 2 Aunty Hec's Treasure RIP Treasure (waiting at the Bridge)



The Politics of a Dachshund

Dachshunds are not generally known for being political animals but there are times in life when one feels  empawssioned enough to want to speak out and for me this is one of those times.

I am only be a little dog but I do understand that everyone has opinions, feels pain, love and joy and so too do we anipals. The only difference between us and you is that we have no voice.

I have Mum and Dad, people who love me enough to speak out for me but on behalf of those creatures less fortunate I feel compelled to take pen to paw and write these words.

Whether you are biped, quadruped, hexapedes or any other type of pedes I ask you now to RAISE THE PAW OF AWARENESS.

RAISE A PAW for horses forced to give up their lives for the sake a day at the races.

RAISE A PAW for our brother beagles many of whom live lives of unconscionable pain and suffering in the name of beauty.

RAISE A PAW for our deep sea cousins the whale, the dolphin and seal whose lives are in daily peril due to the exploits of mankind.

RAISE A PAW for the apes and monkeys who, by dint of their close relationship to humanity, suffer gross cruelty in the name of medical cures.

RAISE A PAW for those gentle giants the elephant, the rhino and the walrus along with so many others who suffer unimaginable pain as parts of their bodies are torn off and they are left alone to die an agonising and uncomprehending death.

RAISE A PAW for dogs and cats with the misfortune to have been born in less evolved nations who believe it is right to build factories in which they steal the fur from our bodies – more often than not when we are still alive. Imagine that horror if someone did that to you.

RAISE A PAW to all creatures who are suffering right now as their poor bodies are stolen, torn apart and experimented upon.

It is my belief that our world will never progress until humanity can recognise that there is of GOD in all creatures. Not only does GOD dwell in man but in all living beings.

If this is not so then someone please explain to this little dog why the same life force which is present in you is also present in me and when that life force withdraws the result is the same: death. Death, that is, of the body not of the soul.

Our souls live on as do yours and the only difference I can see between we anipals and you humans is only one of intellectual progression.

Please therefore be mindful of all creatures and do not do to us what you would not do to one another for in essence we are all the same; living beings on our own journey.

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x