Welcome Rocco!

at spca Rocco when he was the tenant of C1 kennel

Today’s the day Rocco the Staffie went to his new home! My human sisfur Louise and her dog Miss Shiva were awake from 6am this morning such was the excitement in that house. I know this because Mum’s phone kept going off waking Dad and me up but although we grumbled a bit we didn’t mind really.

We knew how important today would be for Louise and Miss Shiva but most of all for Rocco. Going from a concrete-floored kennel with no one to love him to a comfortable home with a garden and country walks nearby would be all Rocco’s dreams come true so everyone was prepared for a little bit of mayhem because in a house with two Staffies and a visiting Dachshund there is bound to be a little bit of naughtiness. Rocco did not disappoint…

rocco profile Rocco’s handsome profile

… Louise went alone to collect Rocco because the previous visit to the kennels had upset Miss Shiva so much and when Rocco saw Louise he must have remembered her because he launched his full five-stone Staffie body of loveliness towards her nearly knocking her down!

Although he did allow himself to be harnessed in the back seat of the car Rocco had other ideas.  Louise was concentrating on driving home when she was surprised to find a furry paw reach through from the back and lie quietly on her arm. Next thing the agile Staffie had inveigled his way into the front seat where he sat nicely for the remainder of the journey like the well-mannered gentleman he obviously is.

Whilst there is no doubt the Staffies will take time getting to know one another and Rocco his new Mummy and home, I know they will have a whale of a time and a whole heap of fun (and high jinks no doubt) together.

in garden Rocco enjoying the grass while Miss Shiva looks on

I know for every Rocco there are so many other anipals not so lucky but if we all do what we can to raise awareness then these sad numbers will eventually be eliminated. In the meantime a feel-good story is always welcome and Rocco’s is the ultimate feel good story.

It only remains for me to say ‘Mum when can we visit?’

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x

Shive and Rocco Rocco and his new sisfur the beautiful Miss Shiva

Rocco da sook 2 Rocco – not slow to go in for the tummy rub

Rocco da sook The sooky merchant

Rocco in his new bed Been a BIG day – nighty night all xxx


Happy BARKDAY to Me!

Hi Anipals

Today 14 April is my BARKDAY and I am 2 years old. I am so lucky to have a family who love me very much and just to prove I have the very bestest Mum & Dad in the world here is some BARKDAY pictures of me and my presents.



BARKDAY greetings made out of bones – can it get any better?





Opening presents!


Opening more presents!


and again…


   New Duck Squeak  Can’t believe Mum knitted him a TOAT 


    Me and NDQ having a sooky


Dad teasing me with New Pink Squeak


I get NPS


Playing with NPS


Time for bed!

Till next time.


Love & leggies, Nutty x

My Life with Dad in Pictures

It’s no secret that I have the best Mum and Dad in the world but you may not know anipals that Mum and Dad are not experienced at being owned by a dachshund. Indeed no, in fact I am not only their first ever dachshund but the only doggicles they have ever been owned by so bearing this in mind it is no wonder I am so proud of them and all the time they spend in my training classes.

So dear old Dad even though I do poke gentle fun at you in these bloggys of mine, please know I love you very much and appreciate everything you do for me.

Just for you Dad is our life together in pictures. Enjoy.

Until next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x

Nutty 005 Nutty 014  Nutty 022 Nutty 020 Ice cream 1 Nutty 017 Nutty 029 Nutty 006 Nutty 022 Nutty 016 Nutty 002 DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIA Me & my Dad Nutty 011

Thanks Dad – love you – *paw bump* xxx

Training Dad

As you will know anipals, training humans takes quite a bit of time and energy if it is to be done properly.

Example: I can be sitting with Dad teaching him (once again!) the basic premise of the sooky and how to do it properly when waft in comes the smell of dinner. Now we all know that food smells of any kind signal an immediate cessation of whatever we are doing (even sookying) and muster at the feeding bowls waiting patiently until Mum dishes out. Does Dad remember this? Of course not. He carries on as if nothing has occurred and actually waits for Mum to call him before he will get up off his you-know-what and saunter towards the food. In fact sometimes Mum has to call him twice!

Now I wouldn’t want you to think Dad is particularly slow on the uptake, I would say he has the limited capacity of any other human being and he cannot be faulted for that. He does try his best to please and he never shirks training. Whatever the weather there he is, working the coat drill (on-off, on-off on – wait for it – off) and keeping an eye out when I go poo-poo in unfamiliar places.

Like most humans though, Dad does have the tendency to want to throw sticks for me to chase. Whilst this is fun the first time and maybe even the second, it does get a bit wearing after the 10th time. However Dad seems to like it so I trip off on my wee leggies to collect the pesticle stick and bring it back.

So the upshot is, whilst properly trained Dads are the most loyal and loving creatures on DOG’s planet, their monkey-mind means we must keep up the training anipals. This is why so many of we doggicles can be found whizzing through golf courses and along the beach of a breezy Sunday morning when we would rather be nestling on Mum’s lap in front of the fire.

Until next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x


The coat drill

Nutty 2

If you remember the story My Mummy Knitted Me you will understand how worried I was when Mum decided to knit a dachshund. Although Mum did explain it was as a REMINDER for her desk not as a REPLACEMENT ‘Who could replace you Nutty’ she said and I tended to believe her because as you know anipals Mum’s never tell lies and as my Mum is the greatest Mum ever I knew she was telling the truth.

Even so I would sneak looks at this knitted trespasser as he was on Mum’s clacketty needles… Now me, it took a long time for me to grow to my full size of 14 inches long but this guy – well he was growing so fast I seriously began to wonder if our house was big enough for him and for me.

Dachshunds can be tricky creatures though and if anyone is looking for a pawsome way to get sookying whilst Mum is busy doing something else then stealth is key. I learned to sneak up on Mum’s lap like a wee furry ninja; slowly, slowly without her knowing and the needles clacking away and the knitted dachshund getting bigger by the minute… until one short leap and I was there… on Mum’s knee all sookyed in and with a ball of wool to play with as an added bonus.

Word of warning here anipals, if you do try this manoeuvre remember never to unravel the wool because this will instantly displease Mum and you will find yourself consigned to the floor (this happened to me – several times). Simply curl up on the lap and hold the wool (loosely) between the paws and you will find Mum clacks on and you get secret sookys with the additional benefit of keeping an eye on the rival.

‘Nutty 1 meet Nutty 2,’ Mum said when the multi-coloured interloper was finally finished and I got to sniff him and let him know there is only one alpha dachshund in this house – and it’s definitely not him. Still Nutty 2 did not seem to mind and he just sat there letting me have a good old sniff at his bum and his ears without a word of complaint.

Mum was so pleased by his behaviour that she look a picture of us both and I have to say Nutty 2 is not too shabby. He is Mum’s first attempt at knitting so she is very proud – although I have gently suggested she try knitting a jumper for Dad next time.

Till next time,

Love & Leggies, Nutty x


Nutty 1 meets Nutty 2

Nutty’s CV

Curriculum Vitae


Name:                                     Nutty Boom Boom

Address:                                My house

DOB:                                      14 April 2011

Star Sign:                              Aries

Pedigree:                               Yes

Coats:                                     Only under duress

 Current Employment:          Guard dog and defender of the house/companion dog/big sooky/general pesticle/ice cream connoisseur

Company:                              Mum & Dad

How long in this position:   Since puppyhood


Running                                Nutty 014

Laundry                              Nutty 008

Gardening                         Nutty 013

Sleeping                      Nutty 034

Driving                        Nutty 018

Sookying                       Nutty 003

Sunbathing                     Nutty 002

Admin                         Nutty 003

Demolition                  Nutty 025

Corporate Events                 Nutty 001

Food Taster                          Ice cream 1

What about it guys – who wants to give me a job???

Love & Leggies, Nutty x

Cold Daze & Coats

As all my anipals will know, I hate coats. By coats I also mean, jumpers (hand-knitted or otherwise), cute hats, kilts (yes anipals I have actually seen a poor dachshund in a kilt!  Not attractive!) or anything else that is not fur.

Yes anipals I love wearing FUR, my own natural FUR and nothing else. Is it my fault that my fur is (Mum says) too fine to keep the cold out? Of course not I hear you all cry and right you are too – yet Mum insists on decking me out in an assortment of outdoor wear whenever we brave the elements from October to April (one blustery day in May last year I remember being squeezed into a coat but that, anipals, is a whole different story).

So what is to be done with such a stubborn Mum I hear you ask. Hmm. Good question. I believe Mum takes her stubbornness from me because dachshunds win prizes for tenacity. However when it comes to outdoor wear, Mum has me beat. I have tried everything: sookys, leans, snugly-wugglys, sad puppy dog eyes, pathetic whines, hiding, hangdog expression and I tell you friends nothing works – the woman is relentless.

When my body grew too long for the coats I smelled a glimmer of hope but no: Mum simply purchased a selection of longer coats and gave the old ones to animal charity. Mum then informed me that these new coats will last for a long, long (pun intended) time because I am now fully grown.


You have to love them.

Till next time. Love & leggies, Nutty x


Mum wrestling me into a coat.

Don’t Share Your Life with a Dachshund If…

1)    You want your free time to be… free

2)    You like rain and welly walkies – we don’t

3)    You want to dress us up in coats and sparkly jumpers (maybe that one is just me)

4)    You like watching TV or reading a book undisturbed – it is usually at these times we want to play with you

5)    You object to giving us 100% attention 24/7 – that is the least we require

6)    You object to receiving 100% attention 24/7 – we love you so much

7)    You have any other passion which may take your attention away from us – won’t do at all

8)    You object to piles of blankys and squeaks all around the house – makes a house a home

9)    You  are unwilling to share your bed, your bath or your dinner plate – selfish we call it

10) You do not wish on-tap sookiness and snuggles – who could resist?

If however you comply fully with all of the above then I am delighted to inform you that you are now ready for your very own life-enhancing dachshund. Congratulations!

Till next time. Love & leggies, Nutty x

Nutty 011

Dad enjoying a sooky – resistance is futile…