Sunny Daze

006Jun13 011

Being a dog of both ancient German and more recently Scottish lineage it is no wonder I love the sun so much. There is nothing nicer than a fine summer morning when one can meditate on the natural ebb and flow of life or, in my case, laze around.

006Jun13 023

Although I am a bit of a sun-worshipper my natural-born fur coat does tend to swelter a bit and my heart goes out to my Old English Sheepdog friends and all heavy coated anipals on days such as this.

But we in the UK know better than to make rash complaint against the summer sun and when it becomes too hot we find shady garden spots, nooks and crannies where we can lie undisturbed in happy canine contemplation.

006Jun13 007

Needless to say this bloggy was pawed on a beautiful June afternoon but even if it is raining cats and dogs or blowing a monsoon as you read my words remember dear anipal and human friends nothing (not even the good stuff) is forever.

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x

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I Scream, You Scream…

We anipals enjoy the simple things in life; the sun on our fur, a gentle summer breeze, the scent of the first daffodil – and ice cream. 

Take me for example, I do enjoy an ice cream. I love to let my long tongue wrap itself around the deliciously cold confection and sssslurp right into the mouth and down the throat quick as you like sir. I have found it best to make this move particularly quickly before Mum or Dad decide I’ve had enough and tries to take the ice cream away. This of course can never happen. I am much too fast.

Anipals like me who are ice cream aficionados will appreciate the difficulty we have is not in retaining the ice cream once we have sniffed it out – but how to encourage our humans to relinquish the ice cream they think is theirs into our waiting little jaws. Our dear bipeds sometimes get confused and think this ice cold treat is for them… well it is but not exclusively you understand.

If you are experiencing this difficulty yourself dear furry friends, especially with the summer coming in and ice cream delights being extra enticing I have discovered the best way to get Dad to relinquish his ice cream to for me is to persuade him that it is his idea.

Picture this: Dad strolls out of the ice cream shop with a lovely vanilla cone in his hands (vanilla is my favourite, anyone who is interested) and the wise anipal will immediately look cute but without obviously eyeing the cone.

This is a difficult exercise to master initially but with practice the petite ice cream snatcher can easily wind around Dad’s legs (our feline brothers have got it spot on here and this move is perfect for us long-bodied anipals). For added effect try cutely pawing at his ankle whilst at the same time throw out some knock-em-dead puppy dog eyes. When performed correctly this simple combination of moves is utterly delightful to passers-by who will, with a bit of luck, draw attention to our efforts thus inspiring Dad to bend down and…. sssslurp another ice cream bites the dust.

Larger anipals can sit obediently in front of Dad offering a paw with an endearing wag of the tail and a clever nose-to-hand move until the desired result is achieved.

Super-size anipals and sturdy stalwarts such as the Bulldog, Staffie and Rottie have the additional advantage of planting themselves squarely in front of Dad until the ice cream treat is forthcoming.

Till next time.

Love & leggies, Nutty x